Wellness for mind is ment for humans who are searching for time for themselves and a location where they can mentally switch off. We invite you to unwind from daily stress, just to calm, to find your inner middle and let go. Just be spoiled and feel comfortabel at a wellness-location and enjoy with all your senses.


It often happens that we are physicaly at a location for comfort and recreation and it needs a certain time till we can switch off with our mind. Wellness for mind intents to offer you the space to become aware of yourself by including your mental senses.

No matter what happens, in whatever form – everything is fine and possibly there is a dynamic coming from itself , takes formes only to get back in a complete dissolving.


Just let pamper yourself. Feel comfortabel and give you the space to get awareness for your inner self. Breathing – feeling the facilitation and passing from origin over present and future toward timelessness.


Wellness-for-mind wants you to take home this good feeling which accompanies you for a long time.